how to stay sober during quarantine

Tips on Staying Sober During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many alcoholics and addicts rely heavily on their ability to connect with members of their recovery fellowships. Being able to interact with like-minded people who share similar issues is arguably one of the most therapeutic aspects of reco...
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yoga at holistic drug rehab

What is Holistic Drug Rehab?

Holistic drug rehab is customized, multifaceted, integrative, and offers a range of addiction treatment options for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Holism refers to the concept that all systems of the body work together as on...
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benefits of giving up alcohol

The Benefits of Giving up Alcohol

Whether you have a serious problem and need alcohol rehab or are just looking to improve your overall health, there are many benefits to giving up alcohol. While some people don’t drink at all, others indulge in a few drinks for special eve...
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what a good rehab is like

Why Your Environment Matters During Rehab

When finding the right rehab for you, you may not pay attention to the environment of the facility in which you attend. Many people find themselves hurried to check into whatever facility can admit them first. However, making sure your envi...
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losing a loved one to addiction

How to Cope After Losing a Loved One to Addiction

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2019 there were an estimated 69,029 people who died from a drug overdose in the United States alone. This number of overdose deaths exceeds the nation’s peak annual deaths from car...
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heroin withdrawal

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Heroin is a highly addictive illicit substance that has become a worldwide epidemic. Heroin is an opioid drug derived from morphine - a substance made from the opium poppy plants grown in Southeast and Southwest Asia, Mexico, and Columbia....
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stay sober during the holiday season

6 Ideas for Making Sober Holiday Memories

For many people in early recovery, making it through the holidays - without alcohol - seems boring and unattainable. Holiday parties are generally centered around eggnog, spiked cider, White Russians, and a ton of wine. This can be hard to...
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relapse prevention plan

How to Create an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse is generally not attributed to one single event. Often times, there are many red flags and warning signs that precede the relapse. These warning signs are commonly indicative of the individual returning to old perceptions, emotions,...
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