What to Expect at an Alcohol Treatment Center

If you are struggling with alcoholism, your recovery begins from the moment you check into treatment. Upon arrival, it is often expected that you have been through a lot leading up to finally reaching the treatment center, so generally, sta...
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dependence vs addiction hands face

Dependence Vs Addiction: What Is The Difference

Is there a difference between dependence and addiction? Although it is subtle, there is indeed a difference between the two terms. In fact, this is one of those “grey areas” that can often be difficult to understand.(2)   Both te...
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6 Signs that You Need to Go to a Drug Rehab

While living in active addiction, it can be hard to tell whether or not a problem has become severe enough to warrant checking into rehab. Your mind may be clouded by substances, denial, and fear. However, it is crucial to get help sooner t...
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vivitrol right for you south florida

Is Vivitrol Treatment Right for You?

Have you tried traditional treatment methods but have been unable to stay sober? Do you struggle with cravings on a regular basis? If so, looking into Vivitrol treatment in Delray might be a good option for you.   Medication-ass...
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Adderall: The Infamous Study Drug

    If you have been to college, you are probably familiar with Adderall - also referred to as amphetamine. Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant that is commonly prescribed to people who are diagnosed with attentio...
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What are the benfits of vivitrol in recovery?

The Benefits of Vivitrol in Your Recovery

    Making the decision to become clean and sober is a life-changing experience. While there is no doubt that therapy and peer support are important in helping you get sober, treatment staff will give you additional tools th...
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The Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

    Over the past number of years, drug treatment facilities have adopted new approaches to help combat substance abuse. One of the most important approaches is the development of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). In comb...
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