TRICARE Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Wellness Centers understands how difficult and traumatic being a military service person can be. All these experiences can lead to mental health problems like mood, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. Thankfully, service personnel can access mental health and addiction treatments at our facility.

We accept TRICARE insurance plans so you can receive the treatment you need without breaking the bank. This applies to all eligible military members and their dependents.

TRICARE History and Facts

TRICARE is a supplementary health care program for active and retired U.S. military service members as well as their families. It works like a preferred provider organization (PPO) network that brings together civilian healthcare professionals and institutions so they can access the resources of the Military Health System. In turn, the resources provide coverage for various health services that policyholders might need.

While TRICARE initially only covered physical injuries, mental health services were added in 2017. This included treatments for addiction or substance abuse disorders. By then, the drug abuse issues faced by members of the US military were well recognized. This inclusion is meant to address these problems with little or no expense for those who have a TRICARE plan.

TRICARE substance abuse coverage can be applied to various treatments and programs at Comprehensive Wellness Centers. These include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detoxification
  • Inpatient Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Therapies
  • Residential Treatment

TRICARE Rehab Health Plans

There are eight distinct TRICARE health plans offered under this umbrella. Each one is fit for a unique need or circumstance, but all of them meet or exceed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards:

  1. TRICARE Prime: Mandatory plan for active-duty members, covering expenses for various types of substance abuse and mental health treatments.
  2. TRICARE Prime Remote: Covers personnel who were qualified for TRICARE Prime but work or live at least 50 miles away from the nearest military hospital, including some overseas areas
  3. TRICARE Select: Provides more options for which type of treatments the plan covers. It’s very similar to TRICARE Prime except for the approval process.
  4. TRICARE Standard Overseas: Coverage for those living or working overseas.
  5. TRICARE for Life: Program for those who already have Medicare A and B, covering various expenses that Medicare doesn’t pay for.
  6. TRICARE Reserve Select: Dedicated to members of the Reserve or National Guard who aren’t on active duty, as well as their families.
  7. TRICARE Retired Reserve: Covers retired service members below 60 years old and their families.
  8. TRICARE Young Adult: Dedicated to young adults who do not qualify for regular TRICARE plans. To qualify, an applicant must be at least 21 and under 26, single, and a child of an eligible sponsor — an adult that qualifies for a TRICARE membership.

TRICARE Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Detox

At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we accept TRICARE plans to cover expenses for select types of drug and alcohol detoxification programs. This doesn’t mean that all your TRICARE rehab treatments are covered; that still depends on the type of insurance plan you carry. You may still need to pay partial fees, or you might need a recommendation from a doctor for the coverage to be eligible.

TRICARE Coverage for Inpatient Programs

TRICARE plans can cover the expenses for inpatient programs provided that the client meets the set criteria or conditions outlined. Certain plans also cover emergency admissions, non-emergency addiction treatments, detoxification, and other inpatient services. Here are some of the conditions that must be met:

  • The client has been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder.
  • The client is showing withdrawal symptoms that require medical assistance.
  • The client is going through a psychiatric crisis.
  • The client is struggling to function normally.

TRICARE Rehab Coverage for Outpatient Programs

Comprehensive Wellness Centers offers several types of outpatient programs that can be covered by TRICARE plans. These include our Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse and Outpatient Program for mental health issues. Under these programs, people who don’t need 24/7 monitoring are still able to receive services for their mental and substance abuse issues.

Much like the inpatient programs, certain conditions must be met before TRICARE coverage becomes applicable. In some plans, the patient will still need to pay additional fees. There are also outpatient therapies and services not covered by TRICARE plans.

TRICARE Rehab Coverage for Therapy

TRICARE health insurance plans cover most types of therapy for mental health and substance abuse disorders. This includes one-on-one therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, and group therapy. In addition, TRICARE can cover psychological tests used for diagnosing patients with mental health issues. Other expenses covered by TRICARE are:

  • Medications used along with psychotherapy as prescribed by psychiatrists
  • Some ancillary therapies
  • Psychoanalysis

In-Network VS Out-of-Network Treatment Centers

In general, patients who visit treatment centers within the TRICARE insurance network can get maximum coverage for their treatments. Providers like us have pricing agreements with TRICARE for addiction and mental health programs. Thanks to this, patients may only need to pay a small amount out of pocket for the services they receive.

On the other hand, there are plans that allow patients to enroll in out-of-network treatment centers. These are:

  • Reserve Select
  • Retired Reserve
  • Young Adult
  • Prime Remote

However, there’s no guarantee that they can get full coverage. They might need to pay a higher value for services, and in some cases, pay the entirety of the program and apply for reimbursement post-treatment.

TRICARE Rehab: Let Us Help You Recover

Comprehensive Wellness Centers is a trusted rehabilitation center that offers an array of programs and treatments for those who need to recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders. We are composed of TRICARE mental health providers dedicated to your or your loved ones’ complete recovery.

Part of our mission is to help military service personnel overcome their challenges without burdening them financially. That’s why we accept TRICARE insurance plans as coverage for all of our programs and treatments. For more information, please contact us today.

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