What is holistic therapy?

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

The models of drug treatment are fluid and ever changing. It seems with each passing day, a growing number of rehab centers in Florida are incorporating different types of holistic treatment options to help addicts find lasting recovery. Wh...
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FARR Accreditation

The Importance of FARR Accreditation

Comprehensive Wellness Centers is very excited to announce that we have just received FARR Accreditation. As a premier inpatient treatment center in South Florida, this type of accreditation ensures that all residents receive quality care t...
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Why Family Focused Programs Help The Addict

4 Reasons Why Family Focused Programs Are Beneficial

Substance abuse affects the entire family. The stresses that families feel in dealing with a loved one who is struggling with addiction can reach a breaking point and can throw the entire family structure into chaos. It is important that wh...
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4 Common Therapies Used in Rehab

4 Common Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment Centers

When you or a loved one commits to drug treatment in Florida, the biggest goal is to break the cycle of addiction that has made you or your loved one’s daily life unmanageable. While removing the physical aspects of addiction is important,...
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What are the signs of heroin addiction?

Do You Know the Signs of Heroin Addiction?

Over the past several years, the number of overdoses and deaths attributed to heroin have skyrocketed to epidemic levels. According to statistics provided by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths related to heroin overdoses...
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Addiction Is a Family Disease

Addiction: A Family Disease

Addiction is a progressive disease that slowly consumes the addict. While the devastating impacts of substance abuse on the user takes center stage, it only tells half the story. To fully understand the effects of addiction, you must adopt...
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5 Tips to Avoid Drug Relapse

5 Ways You Can Avoid Drug Relapse

No matter where you are in your recovery, you realize that the key to staying clean and sober is hard work. From treatment and 12-step groups to adopting an overall healthy lifestyle, continued sobriety requires a hands-on approach. While y...
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How to Prevent an Overdose

Being a Lifesaver: Ways You Can Prevent Drug Overdoses

Watching a family member or friend struggle with drug addiction often makes you feel powerless. No matter what help and support you provide, your addicted loved one slides further into substance abuse. As they slide further into substance a...
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Do I need Alcohol Treatment in Lantana?

Do you enjoy going out on the weekends with friends to have some drinks and a good time? Most people do, but for some alcohol can become a problem. You may start to drink more and more without even really knowing it because over time your t...
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