Academic & Vocational Programming

One of the tragic biproducts of substance use disorders among young adults is the propensity to severely impede progress along the developmental life cycle. Even the most motivated of afflicted students will struggle to sustain the stability required to complete higher education goals. This contributes to the vicious cycle of discouragement that can often drive talented and capable youth toward exacerbated substance use disorders and related consequences that place the realization of potential and talent further out of reach. Here at Comprehensive Wellness Centers, our experienced and compassionate staff have an intimate knowledge of this dilemma and we have tailored unique and practical solutions to help get you or your loved back on track. Our system of academic and vocational continuum support services are woven into the fabric of our clinical curriculum to assist in the seamless transition back to higher education. Our Academic & Vocational Programming Services include:

Academic case management services:

  •  arranging GED prep work
  •  arranging private tutoring
  •  assisting in GED course enrollment
  •  assisting in college enrollment
  •  communication with schools/universities during treatment
  •  guidance with academic planning

Vocational case management services:

  • assisting with vocational program enrollment and placement
  • guidance with vocational/employment programming
  • resume building
  • employment placing services
  • obtaining financial assistance for programs

Additional Florida Collegiate Recovery Services:

  • Assistance in transferring credits for courses taken while in treatment to their home college or university
  • obtaining financial assistance for college
  • appropriate referrals to outside academic recovery support systems, CRC’s, Sober Dorms,
  • Assistance in transferring credits from previous college course work

College students, no matter how educated and motivated, aren’t exempt from falling into drug or alcohol addiction. Some may delay treatment to avoid missing classes while others may struggle to maintain their sobriety while earning a degree. However, with the help of our Academic & Vocational programming, you can stay sober while earning your degree and working towards your future career. Furthermore, the earlier you get help, the more likely you are to maintain your sobriety, meet your educational goals, and excel in your career.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, don’t wait to get help. Reach out today to learn more about our Academic & Vocational programming.

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