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Did you know that over 46 million people in the United States suffer from substance abuse problems? Addiction is a serious public health problem in America.

Mental health issues are also extremely common. Close to 60 million people suffer from mental health problems.

Without insurance, the average residential treatment costs can reach up to $24,000. Without insurance, you’ll bear the full brunt of treatment, making it expensive and quite a burden.

However, not all health plans cover behavioral health care. Thus it is your job to make sure your insurance plan does before seeking out care.

Read on for our in-depth guide to using your health insurance to pay for mental health issues and addiction treatment.

Benefits of Devoted Health Plans for Treating Mental Illness & Addiction

Devoted Health is a health insurance company—formed in 2018—designed to make health care affordable for as many people as possible. They assign each member with personal health guides to make sure they’re getting the care they need as individuals.

Devoted Health understands the importance of the most innovative and up-to-date technology. They make it easier for customers to get second opinions from doctors as well.

So what exactly does Devoted Health cover?


Devoted Health covers standard talk therapy—and you don’t need a referral to get a therapist either. Therapy is a great way to work through your problems, or to discover what sort of further treatment you need.

Comprehensive Wellness Centers can provide you with optimal therapy. They’re affiliated with Devoted Health as well.

They understand that mental health and substance abuse issues are often related, and get that if you don’t look to the root cause of substance abuse problems, you’re just playing “whack a mole” with symptoms.

CWC doesn’t just provide one-on-one therapy—they provide group sessions as well. Depending on the evaluation of each patient’s needs, they’ll be put in the therapy program that works for them—or several different programs.


Medications are important for many people’s mental health treatment. Devoted Health covers this and makes it easy for people to access the meds that they need. This is important because people often need to try a few different medications before they find the one that works for them.

To find the right prescription, a patient often needs to develop a relationship with a psychiatrist—which Comprehensive Wellness Centers can provide. They believe in a philosophy of “lowest effective dosing” — so people worried about getting prescribed too much can rest easy.

Beyond this, PWC makes use of pharmacogenetic testing in order to understand exactly which drugs will work best on your brain. There’s no point in using a medication that can’t help you, after all.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Some of those suffering from mental health or substance abuse problems aren’t in immediate danger. They are having a tough time functioning in day-to-day life, but don’t need to be completely admitted.

These folks need a partial hospitalization program—also known as an intensive outpatient program.

These are a step up from therapy or drug counseling, but not the all-day treatment that inpatient programs provide. These are covered by Devoted Heath.

People in these programs receive structured and specific mental health treatment throughout the day—sort of like going to school. They go home at the end of the day, however, and return the next day.

In the case of substance abuse, outpatient programs serve to help a patient keep from relapsing. Relapse is very common right after one stops using, and close to 50 percent of all people who quit relapse at some point.

Comprehensive Wellness Centers provides a unique and personalized outpatient program for everyone. Use is made of twelve-step programs, SMART recovery, CBT, DBT, etc—whatever works, and whatever is necessary.

They also provide life-planning services so that those suffering from substance abuse problems can integrate themselves into the world after they graduate from the program. They teach patients to learn new problem-solving skills, build a positive community, and gain structure.

There’s also a drug search program. CWC understands that drug abuse and loss of employment can go hand in hand. It can also make it hard to find a future job.

Inpatient Programs

Sometimes, people suffering from substance abuse or mental health problem become a danger to themselves and others. For these people, an inpatient program might be required. An inpatient program might also benefit those suffering from an addiction problem that could be fatal to detox from.

Thankfully, Devoted Health covers this as well, and CWC can provide the service.

The mental health inpatient program treats all sorts of mental illnesses: from anxiety, to bipolar, to depression, to PTSD. It also provides services to diagnose each specific person’s mental illness.

Those going through an inpatient program have a similar multi-faceted approach to an intensive outpatient program.

An inpatient program can be especially helpful for those suffering from substance abuse disorders. It’s very easy to relapse if one isn’t constantly surrounded by a positive environment.

Often, people suffering from substance abuse problems have their problems furthered by friends who also use them. The isolation is key for those in this situation.

Devoted Health Plans Are Worth It

As you can see, Devoted Health plans can be key in getting you the mental health and substance abuse treatment that you need. Make sure you partner with a great mental wellness service like CWC to get the greatest therapy at a low cost.

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