Mental Health Treatment

The synergistic relationship between mental health issues and substance misuse is often complex. For many consumers of treatment services, attempts at relief have led to a frustrating history of the ‘whack a mole’ phenomena where symptoms are addressed only to be replaced by different symptoms in their absence. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, the foundational belief that drives our innovative model is that it is rarely a single issue that brings an individual to treatment. Therefore, treating the whole person is a necessity. Our mental health program is available to help our clients address their mental health concerns while building greater self-acceptance and new coping tools.

During Comprehensive Wellness Center’s thorough evaluation process, clients are screened for appropriateness to participate in our center’s specialty programing. Those that meet the criteria for admission to CWC’s Mental Health Program will attend mental health focused specialty groups and individual sessions in addition to our center’s other clinical modalities.

Psychiatric Care

At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, seamless integration of psychiatric care into the treatment model is a key component of our mental health treatment. Our psychiatric staff are engaged members of our treatment team and available onsite daily. Consistent patient access allows us to address symptoms as they emerge in real time. Our ‘best practices’ approach to psychotropic medications is scientifically based around the use of ‘lowest effective dosing’ in order to strike the delicate balance of adequately treating symptoms without overmedicating. This also helps to keep care manageable, sustainable and cost effective for the client long term.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Historically, trial and error was the standard practice for selecting the correct medication to treat a mental health condition. Today, advances in psychiatric medicine have given us a new solution that allows psychiatric treatment professionals to more accurately predict which medications are likely to be

effective based on genetic variations in one’s DNA. Patients participating in Comprehensive Wellness Centers’ Mental Health Programming now have access to pharmacogenetic testing in order to more efficiently bring relief to those suffering with mental health concerns.

Brain Mapping

Brain mapping consists of an electroencephalogram that measures electrical impulses and wave patterns in the brain. Through the process of effectively analyzing this activity, our brain mapping specialists can identify patterns of activity consistent with certain mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.
This data is used by our mental health treatment specialists to target specific treatment interventions that are more likely to be effective for patients based on their individual functioning and needs.

Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Our clinical team is led by Ph.D. level clinicians and researchers who have tailored a therapeutic milieu based on proven evidence-based practices for the treatment of mental health issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Trauma focused therapy are combined to provide robust variability that engages patients through multiple modalities. Our unique blending of diverse interventions is meant to provide a patient experience that is both client-centered and appropriately challenging.

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