A Truly Comprehensive Approach

At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we go beyond the traditional treatment model. We believe the real work starts after treatment, which is why our program focuses so much on this crucial transition. Instead of keeping you shielded in a residential facility, then releasing you after 30 days, we’ve incorporated a design for lasting success.

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Is CWC Right For Me?

CWC drug and alcohol rehab center in south Florida is different than others. We don’t use “one-size-fits-all” treatment plans. We’re a smaller addiction center with a large staff, which means each of our caring professionals has more time to spend with individual patients, so they receive the attention they need any time, day or night.

Treating The Individual

Their stories may share common elements, but every person who falls into the trap of alcoholism or drug abuse has his or her own unique experience. This is extremely important as we develop a treatment plan, which is designed to cater to each person’s situation.

Our doctors, therapists, certified addiction professionals along with every member of our team cares deeply about the success of those we’re treating. We stand beside alcoholics and drug addicts every step of the way, so they don’t have to face treatment alone. And as they return to life outside of the treatment center, our addiction support is there for them anytime, on-site, on the telephone and online. CWC alumni have a support network for life.