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    At Comprehensive Wellness Centers in South Florida, you will find the support you need to successfully recover from mental health & addiction disorders. We will stand beside you every step of the way as we help and guide you to your new free life. Every part of our JCAHO certified recovery program has been created to prepare for your time with us. Providing you with the personal attention and ethical care that you need and deserve is the foundation of our successful, personalized treatment program.

    We don’t just say we give personalized care, we deliver it. Contact our dual diagnosis center in Florida and you will begin to experience a community of care that exists to cater to your every need. We don’t try to fit you into a traditional inpatient treatment center model. Your story may share common elements with other patients, but every person who falls into the trap of alcoholism or drug abuse has his or her own unique experience. At our West Palm Beach rehab center, you will find the peace, understanding and personalized care that you need for life-long recovery.

    We know the real work starts after treatment, which is why our program focuses on this crucial transition. Instead of keeping you shielded in a residential facility, then releasing you after 30 days, we’ve incorporated a program that will focus on preparing and guiding through this transition. As you return to life outside of the treatment center, our support team is there for you anytime, on-site, on the telephone and online. CWC alumni and their families have a support network for life.

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    • Offer support without enabling
    • Stage a successful intervention
    • Help them find treatment
    • Learn to recognize the signs
    • Prepare for the recovery process
    • Enroll at a treatment program

    Our Commitment to Quality

    CWC has gained a stellar reputation, earning top ratings and esteemed certifications. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional mental health care within a secure and inviting setting.

    JCAHO Certification FARR Certification DCF Accreditation ACA Certification

    We Accept Most Insurance Plans

    Check your coverage in just a few minutes. Our admissions coordinators can answer all of your insurance related questions.

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    A Comprehensive Approach

    At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we strive to create an environment of care that provides our clients and their families with a treatment experience that is both warm and intimate. We have honed a program model with purposefully diverse modalities and services. This enables our highly trained staff to provide a truly individualized and tailored treatment.

    Our clinical program has the capacity to treat individuals that present with primary substance use issues, primary psychiatric concerns and co-morbid psychiatric concerns. Our academic leanings ensure our commitment to an evidence-based approach that stresses the use of modalities that are empirically validated.

    The societal stigma surrounding substance abuse and mental health problems is real and can be hard to escape. Outside of the facility, it’s hard to dodge judgments and mute hateful comments, and these could quickly regress your progress and throw you back into a spiral. We want to ensure that our patients survive and thrive long after their stay in our facilities. Our treatment programs are designed to help patients build positive coping mechanisms and provide continued support to help them progress further.

    No matter who you are or where you come from, we’ll be there when no one’s around and be the first to cheer as you take your first step into your new life.


    We understand the impact addiction can have on the individual and their loved ones. Our treatment approach is designed to help clients achieve lasting recovery by guiding them through an inpatient and outpatient level of care. We have honed a program model with purposefully diverse modalities and services.


    Too often, attempts at relief of mental health disorders lead to a frustrating cycle where symptoms are addressed only to be replaced by different symptoms. The foundational belief that drives our program is that it is rarely a single issue that brings an individual to treatment. Therefore, treating the whole person is a necessity.


    Hear From Our Patients & Their Families

    Jessica Polcaro
    Jessica Polcaro
    I can't even begin to explain how this place has helped me. The staff lifted me up when I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I'm dual diagnosis, and they were able to suit all of my needs with zero struggle. I've been with them since July of last year, and they've helped me change into the woman I am today. Highly recommend this place for anybody that is struggling to find a good treatment center, you will be in fantastic care.
    Angie Lamorta
    Angie Lamorta
    This place is amazing. People truly recover here. Gary k is the man. I chose this place because of him. His knowledge of 12 steps is like no other. A true legend. I am so grateful to Isaac and Mary and all the CWC staff for their hard work. Every client is treated with love and respect. The program is really set up to heal from the inside out. Thank you all for your hard work.
    Insurance Solutions
    Insurance Solutions
    Phenomenal place to start your recovery. I needed a foundation and this place gave me that. From techs to the therapists everyone is so hands on. And there is not a week that goes by where the alumni coordinator doesn’t reach out and check on my well being. 5 stars is an understatement!!!!
    Marie Shannon
    Marie Shannon
    CWC, where do I even begin my thank yous? 3 months of living outside my comfort zone and dealing with so many different personalities. Eew right? BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! It's not just a treatment facility, it's a family. First, I’d like to thank Freddie, the 501-property manager for ALWAYS, ALWAYS being there for me and other clients. TMS, Leslie, I can never say thank you enough! Courtney, NP for helping me with GeneSight DNA testing, getting me on the right mental health meds and TMS Step Track with Gary K, what a great group and so knowledgeable, I will ALWAYS take these steps in my daily life. Katina, my therapist, I wanted to pack her in my suitcase and take her with me. Sophia, so patient and understanding, always making me feel like my problems were hers as well. Chris in Medical, WOW just WOW, the patience this man has for dealing with numerous clients barking at him all at once for our meds. The Facilitators, Paul, Marvaughn, Dr. A, Michaela, Liz, all the others, just wonderful and helpful groups. Keeps it on point and I will always carry something from each of them with me daily. The Techs, from Quetty to Vanessa - the stuff they have to roll with daily, I’m envious of their patience, understanding and kindness. AND Mike Sheridan - you Sir, I can't thank you enough for all the "tough love" talks, getting my butt into ACTION with AA and all of my recovery. FYI, I'm almost 4 months sober, don't count the days, make the days count
    Blake Carver
    Blake Carver
    I would personally like to thank CWC for all they did for me. First off I'd like to say thank you to Andrew, he's definitely a man of his word an sticks to it. Next thank you Angela I know I wasn't the nicest to you but thanks for always being nice back to me. Yana thank you for letting me share my story w you an you helping me through everything. Mandy thank you for all the help you gave me an this year I'll be doing my own taxes lol. Sharon I love you so much an thank you for putting up w me an my attitude some days. Jeff I appreciate you still staying in contact w me. Lenny you always knew how to make me laugh an smile. James I felt like me an you bonded an you were a true friend 🌊🐢. An Yani I miss your hugs so much. Quitta im sorry for getting on your nerves almost every day an pushing your buttons. Olga thank you for being a mom away from home an although I didn't always like what you had to say I knew it was true an I better listen. An last an certainly not like Mike Sheridan, wow, I actually did it bro I made it to one year sober an no thanks to personally you. You took me to meetings you answered my calls when I was too far gone to even know my name. Thank you.
    Preston Jayce
    Preston Jayce
    This place is absolutely amazing, the staff was an absolute life saver for me. I've never felt so at home away from home, I'm truly blessed to have had the opportunity to endure my early recovery here. Would not be where I'm at without this place!
    I Have done The Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida shuffle in and out of Treatment. My 2nd Stay at CWC is when things finally clicked. The support there from the Staff goes above and beyond and went out there way to help make things work for me. I owe CWC a lot of credit for my active sobriety and I am forever grateful. Truly and genuinely a great place for anyone who is tryin to turn there life around!
    Robert Wright
    Robert Wright
    Thank, staff is wonderful!

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