Alumni & Family Services

Recovery lasts a lifetime. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we strive to create a comfortable, safe and warm environment to give our community a sense of home… a sense of family. Continuum of care is essential in maintaining sobriety, so we have developed a program to continue working our Alumni long after they have graduated our program.


Recovery is an ongoing journey that continues even after a patient leaves our facility. A sober life outside of a treatment can be challenging, but with the help provided by our alumni network it is possible to keep our community members engaged in their recovery. Through our Alumni Program we offer:

  • Hosted Alumni Events (Pool Parties, Volleyball Tournaments, BBQ’s and more!)
  • 24hr Help Hotline
  • Online Community Support through Facebook
  • Alumni Support Meetings
  • Monthly Email Newsletters

Through our website, newsletters, and social media pages it is our mission to continue to educate, motivate, and support you and your loved ones not only during but also after our program. We offer a Facebook page dedicated to our alumni and family in order to create an online community that is a place of support 24/7.


The support of family and loved ones greatly contribute to an individual’s recovery. Oftentimes family and loved ones need guidance and support of their own. Our Family Program aims to help loved ones by providing:

  • Hosted Family Events
  • Bi-Weekly Online Q&A Family Sessions with Guest Speakers
  • 24hr Help Hotline
  • Connection to Resource Information
  • Recovery Support Services

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