benefits of giving up alcohol

The Benefits of Giving up Alcohol

Whether you have a serious problem and need alcohol rehab or are just looking to improve your overall health, there are many benefits to giving up alcohol. While some people don’t drink at all, others indulge in a few drinks for special eve...
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five stages of alcoholism

The 5 Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a progressive disease of the body and mind. This disease is characterized by cravings, loss of control, and increasing alcohol intake in order to produce the desired effect. Additionally, alcoholics typically drink in order to...
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palm beach florida drug rehab

College Students and Substance Abuse

For many young college students, going to school is the first time they leave their parent’s nest. It is a time of freedom, soul searching, and experimentation in all forms. However, this newfound freedom causes some young adults to begin e...
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alcohol addiction treatment in west palm

Alcohol Use Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Alcohol Use Disorder is the term the medical community uses to determine the severity of a person’s drinking problem. Various factors such as family history, environment, and mental health all play a role in both drinking patterns and in re...
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How Childhood Trauma Creates Addicted Adults - Health

How Childhood Trauma Creates Addicted Adults

Addiction is an extremely prevalent epidemic across the United States. According to a report conducted by the Surgeon General, one in seven Americans is expected to develop a substance use disorder at some point in their lives and only one...
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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Palm Beach

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Addiction is commonly referred to as a substance use disorder. Substance use disorder is a disease that manifests in the brain and behaviors of those affected. Since this disease leads to a lack of control over substance use, whether it be...
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What to Expect at an Alcohol Treatment Center - A glass of beer on a table - Limanski's Pub

What to Expect at an Alcohol Treatment Center

If you are struggling with alcoholism, your recovery begins from the moment you check into treatment. Upon arrival, it is often expected that you have been through a lot leading up to finally reaching the treatment center, so generally, sta...
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oxy contin silent killer

Oxycontin: A Silent Killer

Are you currently prescribed oxycontin for pain?   Perhaps for a sporting or work-related injury, or for pain associated with a serious condition?   Coming to the end of your prescription, feeling anxious that you won’...
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