Rates of opioid-related deaths and alcohol abuse are continuing to rise in the United States, making the need for effective addiction treatment necessary to save the lives of those suffering. With relapse being far too common after leaving treatment, the medical community has begun to encourage the use of medication-assisted treatment. Vivitrol has quickly become one of the most successful options for the treatment of opioid and alcohol use disorders for a variety of different reasons.

When used simultaneously with therapy and counseling, Vivitrol treatment in Palm Beach can help improve the chances of achieving long-term sobriety. Vivitrol contains naltrexone, an opioid antagonist, that blocks opioid receptors. This makes individuals unable to feel the euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol. Since naltrexone is known to help curb cravings, it allows individuals in treatment to fully engage in therapy to discover the root causes of their addictions. Here are 8 benefits of getting the Vivitrol shot.[1]

1. The shot is easy to administer.

The dosage of Vivitrol is the same regardless of age, gender, health status, and weight. In addition, individuals only need to get a shot once a month. It is an intramuscular injection in the buttocks. This requires fairly little upkeep compared to the daily necessity of taking a pill or sublingual film. The simplicity of Vivitrol makes it an attractive option for MAT.

2. Vivitrol is long-acting.

The Vivitrol shot is administered once a month and will remain in the body for the full 30 days. The longevity of the shot helps ensure that patients will get the most out of their medication. On the other hand, alternative medications used in medication-assisted treatment have far shorter lasting properties.

3. There is no risk of abuse or non-compliance.

Drug misuse is common among those suffering from opioid and alcohol addictions. However, since the shot is only administered in a medical setting and is non-narcotic, there is no potential for misuse. Additionally, with other medications that are taken daily to block the effects of opioids and alcohol, some users may decide not to take their medication. This is considered to be non-compliance. Since there is no way to remove Vivitrol from the body after the shot is administered, medication adherence rates are far higher with Vivitrol compared to other drugs used in MAT.[2]

4. There are little to no side effects.

The vast majority of patients who get the Vivitrol shot experience no side effects. For those that do, the side effects are usually mild and temporary. Side effects that are rare but may occur include nausea, headache, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.[3]

5. Vivitrol is not addictive.

Naltrexone is the active ingredient in Vivitrol that blocks opioid receptors from producing a rewarding response when opioids or alcohol is consumed. No euphoric effects are produced from naltrexone, making it non-addictive with no potential for abuse. It is impossible to develop a physical dependence on Vivitrol.[3]

“Without opiates as part of its chemical makeup, the possibilities of becoming addicted to Vivitrol is virtually non-existent.”

6. Vivitrol is proven to be effective.

Several studies have proven Vivitrol to be effective in helping individuals complete treatment and reduce relapse rates. In a six-month study of patients receiving Vivitrol, 36% were able to continue their full course of treatment, compared to the placebo group in which only 23% completed treatment.[4] Another study conducted over a 24-week treatment phase found that relapse occurred in 43% of patients receiving Vivitrol compared to 64% of patients who did not.[5]

7. It doesn’t cause withdrawals.

Since Vivitrol is not addictive and there is no potential for abuse, there are no withdrawal symptoms that occur when Vivitrol is no longer administered. On the other hand, there are some withdrawal symptoms associated with Buprenorphine and Methadone. This allows individuals to stop taking Vivitrol whenever they are ready without having to detox.[3]

8. Total abstinence is the goal.

The end goal of medication-assisted treatment in Palm Beach is total abstinence. Since individuals cannot get high or drunk while taking Vivitrol, this discourages them from temptation. Since the drug is non-narcotic, it has no mood or mind-altering effects. This encourages patients to participate in therapy without experiencing cravings for opioids or alcohol and prepares them for long-term sobriety.

Vivitrol Program in Palm Beach

At Comprehensive Wellness Centers in Palm Beach, our 30-day Vivitrol program helps individuals suffering from opioid or alcohol addiction. To ensure that each individual is receiving the best care possible, we combine the use of Vivitrol with counseling and social support.

“We know the path to recovery is not an easy one. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers in South Florida, we focus on offering patients a personalized care plan that meets their individual needs. If you believe you or your loved one can benefit from Vivitrol as an opioid or alcohol addiction treatment and would like more information, contact our team at (855) 844-2729 or fill out the contact form we will contact you.”


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