Comprehensive Wellness Centers is very excited to announce that we have just received FARR Accreditation. As a premier inpatient treatment center in South Florida, this type of accreditation ensures that all residents receive quality care that is based on rigorous and comprehensive standards. If you are looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, you may be asking what FARR accreditation is and how it can benefit in long-term recovery. This article will give you a brief but insightful look at the benefits of having FARR accreditation.


What is FARR Accreditation?

FARR Accreditation refers to a comprehensive standards-based recovery housing program based on the Social Model of Recovery Philosophy. This philosophy emphasizes the relationship between the recovering addict and their environment. With this model, the collective knowledge and support of the group create an environment that promotes healing, cohesiveness, and empowerment. Although individual interactions between single staff and participants are supportive, it is the group interactions which prove to be of greater benefit.


At Comprehensive Wellness Center, this type of accreditation ensures that we are providing the top-notch programming, expert support and nurturing environment that will help you sustain meaningful long-term recovery. While many recovery residences claim to help those struggling with addiction find sobriety, there are no guarantees their programs meet the stringent guidelines found in FARR Accreditation. Also, these residences may create an environment which causes those new in recovery to fall back into their old and destructive habits.


What Can You Expect from Comprehensive Wellness Centers?

When you or a loved one decides on treatment at our Florida inpatient rehab facility, you know that you will expect consistent quality programming and care that is fully focused on your overall well-being. As a FARR accredited facility, you can expect the following:


We Operate with Integrity

Comprehensive Wellness Centers adheres to all legal and ethical codes brought forth by FARR accreditation. We are upfront about the services we provide, and we do not mislead or give false information to any client. All staff and volunteers undergo rigorous background checks.


We Promote Peer Advocacy

You can also expect Comprehensive Wellness Centers to focus on creating a nurturing peer-centered atmosphere. Based on the Social Model of Recovery discussed earlier, a peer-centered approach allows residents to better police themselves and creates an environment where learning and self-discovery can thrive.


We Promote Holistic Based Recovery

With FARR accreditation, Comprehensive Wellness Centers provides all clients with treatment programs that can be tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. In addition to individual and group therapy and 12-step meetings, Comprehensive Wellness Centers also offer a variety of holistic treatment options that take care of your whole being. Additionally, we offer many post-treatment options and heavily encourage those who graduate from our programs to help newcomers.


We Inspire Purpose

Through our life skills training, our holistic addiction treatment center helps you gain confidence in taking on your day-to-day affairs. We also encourage all clients to become active participants in meaningful social activities such as mentoring or volunteering. These types of activities not only help strengthen recovery, but they also help all in recovery become more well-rounded individuals.


Let Comprehensive Wellness Center Make a Difference in Your Life Today

You don’t need to struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, our treatment staff will work with you every step of the way and will design a personalized treatment plan that will change when your needs change. With a supportive environment and breathtaking scenery, Comprehensive Wellness Centers gives you the tools you need to break free from substance abuse once and for all.


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