The idea of a quick fix for trauma doesn’t seem possible, and it’s a common thought that treatment must be a lengthy process, especially when dealing with intense and enduring negative emotions. RRT treatment (Rapid Resolution Therapy) takes our perspective and changes it to work for us instead of against us. Rapid Resolution Therapy reaches the nuts and bolts of our negative internal machinations without taking months or years.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

RRT focuses on a completely different approach to helping people overcome their trauma. Conventional therapy suggests we force ourselves to sit with trauma and analyze it. The idea is that turning it over and over in our minds will harden us to it. Familiarity and understanding of a traumatic event calluses us against memory. After sufficient time, we’re so used to facing the cause of our pain that it loses much of its potency. Traditional treatment is a long journey that, while effective in some instances, is not always necessary.

The solution isn’t to fix a logical misstep in our evaluation of a traumatic event, either. The effects of trauma are primarily due to unresolved emotional issues rather than an intellectual failure to understand them. RRT focuses instead on shifting the perspective of trauma survivors onto a more constructive path.

The Prime Directive

We’ve evolved over thousands of years through trial and error. Much of the reason why we do anything has to do with a deep desire to fulfill our biological imperatives. RRT treatment recognizes this natural pull as foundational for all human beings and uses it to drastically reduce the time it takes to treat trauma sufferers.

Successful treatment takes a fraction of the time of more conventional means. No corners are cut; it’s a much more efficient way to realize the same results. The autonomic nervous system regulates emotions so that the mind can control these processes. While much of the work done by our autonomic nervous system happens subconsciously, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to influence. It’s been proven that guided influence on these deeper levels of our minds is possible through various methods of communication.

How Does It Work?

Shining light into the dark corners of our minds has long been a great benefit for trauma sufferers. Much of the damage done by trauma comes from locking it away in an effort of complete denial or to try to forget. Denial is a common tactic to stop dwelling on awful experiences, but not a particularly healthy method.

Another significant portion of the damage trauma causes is from playing the experience over in our minds on a loop. While examining a traumatic experience makes sense, doing so on a loop doesn’t accomplish anything constructive. Each time the loop completes without resolution, it simply begins again. Rapid Resolution Therapy aims to end the loop once and for all.

Our brains strengthen commonly used pathways, which is how we learn. Unfortunately, this same system can easily go awry if we dwell on a negative experience, causing it to be inescapable. RRT aims to pull the lever on the figurative train track, diverting our train of thought down a new, more constructive path.

RRT Treatment Benefits

The hardest part of therapy is the need to face past experiences again, and this is by no means an ideal solution on the road to recovery. Unnecessarily reliving trauma is part of the problem and what sufferers want to escape. Rapid Resolution Therapy doesn’t use this angle of approach at all. The idea is to form an entirely new neural pathway to avoid the old one, which is so intertwined with negative emotion. With the use of storytelling and other creative avenues, fixation on the traumatic experience itself can be avoided altogether.

Results are experienced quickly, usually in as few as six sessions. The client often feels a positive shift in perspective and mental health in the first session. RTT treatment is effective for many different forms of trauma and is likely a good fit for most people.

A Modern Approach Using RRT Treatment

RRT treatment is still relatively new when it comes to treating trauma disorders. Despite this, it’s proving to be tremendously effective. Many people who haven’t had much luck with more conventional approaches have found great relief with RRT treatment.

If you’re looking for PTSD treatment or know someone who might benefit, this new approach could be an effective option. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Learn more about Comprehensive Wellness Centers in South Florida!