In movies and TV shows, drinking always looks like a great time. You see the party, but what you don’t see is the real truth of alcohol abuse. Drinking to excess, drinking alone or drinking to fill a void within yourself won’t fix anything. Don’t let TV shows and movies feed you the lie that drinking is a great time. If your drinking has ever caused frustrations in your life, or if you’re having trouble putting an end to drinking, it’s time to find alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana. Our team at Comprehensive Wellness Centers is here to help you fight for sobriety with holistic care.


As far as addictions go, alcoholism is a particularly difficult problem to overcome. That’s because drinking is such a widely accepted, even social act. But believe it or not, you can have a good time without drinking. In fact, you’ll enjoy each celebration even more when you’re celebrating with sobriety. As with any addiction problem, there is a wide range of drinking problems that fall into alcohol abuse. Many people with drinking problems try to deny their alcoholism because they think the problem isn’t so bad. But alcoholism doesn’t take just the form of constant drinking. It can also include binge drinking.


There are many signs that you’re facing problems with alcohol consumption. Our alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana can help you overcome your alcoholism, working towards the sobriety and happiness you deserve. Some major signs of alcoholism include:

  • Increased Alcohol Tolerance
  • Jittery Feelings Without a Drink
  • Constant Craving for a Drink
  • Blacking Out When You Drink
  • Drinking Far More Than Others
  • Drinking Alone
  • Giving Up Other Activities Due to Alcohol


The moment alcohol takes importance over anything else in your life, or the moment your drinking creates problems, it’s time to get help. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we offer the most dedicated alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana.


At our center, you can receive holistic care for alcohol treatment. We believe in treating the entire individual, not just the problem you’re facing. We take a personalized and holistic approach to your treatment, offering supportive services to help foster true recovery. We bring together many services such as individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, behavioral modification therapy and educational lectures as well.


At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we offer a tranquil setting to help fully support sobriety. We bring together a bed and breakfast style setting with close proximity to the beach. Our holistic care also includes nutritional support with on-site gourmet organic cooking to help support optimal health. We invite you to visit our team at Comprehensive Wellness Centers to see how we can help with your alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana. Call (561) 619-5858 to learn more.