Getting sober is the best change you can make in your life. In fact, seeking sobriety can actually save your life. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we believe everybody should have the option for sobriety. As one of the most trusted addiction treatment centers in Lantana, we offer holistic care for recovery from addiction, alcoholism and other challenges. You may think treatment is too expensive, or maybe you think that your insurance won’t cover your drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Neither of these are true. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we accept many different insurance plans, and we also work one-on-one with our patients needing extra help getting into your center. So, what’s holding you back from starting the road to recovery?

When is the best time to seek sobriety with addiction treatment centers in Lantana? Right now! Our team at Comprehensive Wellness Centers is ready to help you start the path to a sober future. We offer holistic care at our relaxing, bed and breakfast type facility. Our program includes nutritional guidance, group therapy, counseling, family therapy and fitness support as well. We believe that by providing a full scope of care, we can help our patients heal holistically. We don’t just focus on the problems you’re facing, we focus on YOU, helping you make changes for the better.

Getting into our treatment program is easier than you’d think. We accept a wide range of insurance plans from all around the country, including:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Amerihealth
  • AvMed
  • Empire
  • Devon
  • GEHA
  • Humana
  • MediChoice
  • Unicare
  • United
  • One Health Plan, Inc.
  • Vista

These are just a few of the healthcare plans we’re proud to accept at Comprehensive Wellness Centers. If you have further questions about insurance coverage and acceptance, you can fill out our online insurance verification form, or you can always call our supportive team at (561) 619-5858.

At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, our entire team wants to see you succeed. If you have any issues with your insurance, you can still visit our treatment program through care credit. With so many options for seeking sobriety, nothing is holding you back but yourself. You deserve more than the sorrows of drug abuse, alcohol abuse and addiction. Aren’t you ready to make changes for the better and fight for sobriety? If you’re ready to work towards a bright future, one without drugs and alcohol robbing you of the happiness you deserve, it’s time to discover the Comprehensive Wellness Centers difference. You can connect with one of the best addiction treatment centers in Lantana by calling (561) 619-5858.