Quitting alcohol for good entails more than simply putting down the bottle. When you find sobriety, you can battle strong cravings that can undermine your recovery. To increase the chances of long-term recovery, you must develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with alcohol cravings. The following are 9 basic, but effective ways you can manage your cravings while keeping your recovery center stage.


Vivitrol Outpatient Program

An effective way to beat back alcohol cravings is through a Vivitrol outpatient program. Vivitrol is a monthly injection for alcohol abuse that significantly reduces the pleasure that is felt when drinking and reduces cravings. When combined with a quality individual treatment program, a Vivitrol program can be a great tool to prevent relapse.


Remove Yourself

If the urges to use alcohol rear their ugly head, physically remove yourself from the situation. This can be going to a separate room, going outside or even going to a meeting. Once cravings are being felt, it is very important that you leave IMMEDIATELY. Staying put in a sticky situation can increase the chance for relapse.


Take It One Moment At A Time If You Need To

When alcohol cravings hit, it can feel like time drags on. A useful technique to use is to commit to staying sober one moment or minute at a time. Once you master that moment, increase to a few minutes, an hour and up to a day.


Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

A common cause for your cravings for alcohol is sugar. Once you remove alcohol from the equation, the lack of sugar can create intense cravings. Keep hard candies, lollipops, and other sweets around to help you in a pinch.


Lean on Your Support People

To help get your mind of the craving, simply call someone. It can be your sponsor, a fellow recovering person, a family member or a friend. While you can talk about how cravings are making you feel, you can talk about anything that comes to mind. That distraction will help cravings pass.



Distracting yourself from the intensity of alcohol cravings is another useful tool in your recovery arsenal. Go for a walk, exercise, read a book or even engage in some mindful meditation.


Eat a Good Meal

In recovery, you learn about H.A.L.T which stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired. Being hungry is a common trigger for cravings. To keep these at bay, eat a well-rounded and satisfying meal.


Be Positive

When you are struggling with cravings, it is important to remember the positives of staying sober. Write down a list of the advantages of avoiding the next drink. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself until the urge passes.


Get to a Meeting

Above all else, have the wherewithal to get to a meeting if cravings and urges to drink hit. Surround yourself with others in recovery and share your feelings. Your peers who are in recovery have experienced the same emotions and they can be an invaluable resource and support system.


Are You Addicted to Alcohol? Get Help Right Now

Alcohol abuse is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease which slowly ruins your life. If you are ready to get the help you need, call our treatment professionals at Comprehensive Wellness Center. Our alcohol treatment programs are effective and proven to work no matter how deep the addiction. Don’t delay; call us toll-free today and begin your journey to health and happiness.