Addiction and alcoholism are both devastating diseases with serious consequences. However, drug and alcohol addiction is treatable with the help of a West Palm Beach rehab center.

Addiction treatment incorporates the use of therapy, counseling, education, support, and rules that patients must follow. The rules associated with rehab are in place to protect patients and keep them accountable while they recover from addiction.

Let’s take a look at the rules that patients must follow at a West Palm Beach rehab facility.

Leaving the Center Without Permission is Prohibited

Residential treatment is designed to provide patients with the comfort of living at home while they recover from addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. However, patients are not permitted the same freedoms as individuals who live at home.

Most treatment centers do not allow patients to leave the facility at all, while some programs allow supervised outings only. Additionally, some instances allow patients to leave the property, such as off-site support group meetings, doctor visits, and other essential activities. These activities are all monitored by a behavioral health technician or another staff member.

Rehab centers in West Palm Beach limit the amount of time that patients spend off-site to help them focus on their recovery, the number of triggers they face, and keep patients in a therapeutic environment. If patients were allowed to leave whenever they wanted, it is more likely for them to relapse due to triggers.

Visitors are Limited During Rehab

Most addiction treatment programs in South Florida allow visitors during permitted times, such as family days or upon approval from the patient’s therapist. Many rehab programs have a monthly family day where patients can invite members of their family to visit and learn about their progress in recovery. Additionally, some facilities have family therapy programs and family services where patients and their family members will learn how to communicate and coexist in harmony.

During the initial stages of treatment, such as detox, visitors are not permitted. The patient must fully focus on recovering from withdrawal symptoms, so it would only be a hindrance to allow visitors. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly dangerous to allow visitors, forcing addiction treatment centers to adopt new safety and health guidelines.[1] If you’re getting sober during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that visitors will not be allowed at West Palm Beach treatment centers.

Abstinence From Drugs and Alcohol Is Required

While this may seem self-explanatory, the most important rule at a rehab facility is abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Inpatient rehab programs work to provide their patients with a drug- and alcohol-free environment for them to recover and heal in.

It is important to note that this doesn’t disregard the need for medication. If an individual has a medical or psychiatric condition that requires medication, it will be locked up and administered to the patient by the staff. Detox medications may also be used to soothe symptoms of withdrawal, such as anti-nausea medications or sleep aids, but the same rules still apply. Any medication used in rehab is secured and kept away from the patients.

All Therapy Sessions Must Be Attended

Most inpatient rehab programs include a full-time schedule of counseling and therapy sessions. These programs utilize various types of therapy, including individual and group counseling, to target different areas of a patient’s addiction. This helps patients to heal from any unresolved trauma or mental health conditions that may have been fueling their addiction.

It is required for patients to attend every therapy session they are assigned. When patients refuse to attend, treatment becomes ineffective, thus causing these counseling sessions to be required.

Cell Phones and Computers Are Not Allowed

It is common for West Palm Beach rehab centers to prohibit the use of cell phones and computers. This is done for several reasons, including limiting distractions from treatment. Patients are meant to be attending therapy and participating in sober activities with their peers in treatment, rather than spending time on social media.

Prohibiting cell phones protects patients from any triggers they may find on social media or through talking with old friends. Oftentimes, when individuals in rehab have access to their phones they become tempted to contact old friends that still use drugs and alcohol, making this a liability in their recovery.

Romantic Relationships Are Discouraged

Individuals in recovery must connect with others and create friendships built upon mutual trust and support. In fact, it has been proven that peer support groups benefit addiction treatment immensely.[2] However, people are highly discouraged from beginning romantic relationships while in treatment. This is because once a friendship crosses the line to romance or sex, they may become too distracted to continue treatment, experience emotional strain that leads to relapse, or become addicted to the relationship itself.

Oftentimes, rehab centers include gender-specific programs or housing to prevent romantic relationships from forming. However, this only prevents heterosexual individuals from this sort of distraction. With that being said, the patient must commit to focusing on their recovery and decides to put romantic relationships on the backburner for a while.

Attend a West Palm Beach Rehab Center

While the rules associated with rehab may seem like a lot, they are in place to protect recovering individuals and teach them self-discipline. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction and substance abuse in West Palm Beach, contact us today. CWC Recovery is here to help you heal from the effects of addiction and begin a new way of life.