In the war against drug addiction, treatment professionals are using any means necessary. In addition to drug treatment and support groups, treatment centers and other similar facilities are adopting medically assisted treatment approaches. One medication that has become increasingly popular in treating drug and alcohol addiction is Vivitrol. If you have not heard of Vivitrol, the following article will answer the question of “what is Vivitrol?”.  Additionally, you will better understand how the drug can be of great benefit in drug treatment—maybe even your stay in drug treatment?


What is Vivitrol?

Also known by the brand name Revia, Vivitrol is an injectable naltrexone medication that blocks the effects of both opioids and alcohol. This prescription medication blocks the feelings of euphoria that users experience when using substances. While it is non-addictive, it is a potent medication which requires administration and supervision by experienced medical personnel.


Whether done as an injection for alcohol abuse or as a shot for opiate addiction, Vivitrol is administered once a month. For those who take Vivitrol, they are given a comprehensive medical guide. It is crucial that patients who take this naltrexone medication follow the guidelines regarding the best treatment practices to make Vivitrol most effective.



The Benefits of Vivitrol

If Vivitrol is being considered in your drug treatment program, there are several benefits in adding this medication. As stated earlier, Vivitrol as a shot for opiate addiction can be taken once a month. Since there is no pill that needs to be taken daily, Vivitrol treatment can be more easily managed. Since this prescription medication does not activate the opioid receptors in the brain, the desire to use drugs and alcohol are greatly diminished.


Also, Vivitrol can be beneficial for those who are not experiencing the devastating effects of long-term addiction. Vivitrol can be very effective when paired with active participation in a recovery-support group such as AA, NA or similar recovery groups such as SMART Recovery.


What are the Drawbacks of Vivitrol Treatment?

As with all forms of medically assisted treatment, the use of Vivitrol as part of one’s drug treatment plan can have its share of drawbacks. First and foremost, Vivitrol is not a cure for drug and alcohol addiction. The use of this drug is most effective when used as a part of a rock-solid treatment plan with careful monitoring from experienced treatment staff.


Additionally, patients can only use this medication only when all substances are completely out of their system. In general, patients may need to wait 7-10 days after substance use to begin this form of treatment.


Do You Need Help Beating Your Addiction Once and for All?

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