Some experts estimate that about 12 million adults in the United States contemplate suicide in a given year. Despite how common suicidal thoughts are, many people have no idea how to recognize when someone is having them. Understanding the signs of suicide can make it possible to provide help. What are some of the top indicators that someone might be contemplating suicide? Learn all about the most common signs that someone is having suicidal thoughts.

Discussing Suicidal Thoughts

Although it might seem obvious, when someone talks about suicide, that is a meaningful indicator of genuine suicidal tendencies. Self-harm can also be an indicator and a reason to start a conversation. Some people are caught off guard when someone they know talks about suicide. They might decide that this kind of talk is not serious or real in some way.

Other people try to avoid talking about suicide. They imagine that discussing it will increase the chance that someone decides to do it. However, the correct response is to take suicidal discussions seriously. Asking someone about their genuine thoughts and intentions will not generally increase the chance that they commit suicide. Instead, it will help them feel understood. That can be the first step towards helping them improve their mental health.

Withdrawing From Social Engagement

Social engagement often helps people feel better and avoid suicidal attempts. People who are going to commit suicide usually start to withdraw from social interactions. Sometimes, they don’t want people to feel close to them when they try to commit suicide. In other cases, it is a general sign that they are having difficulty interacting with people and the world.

If someone starts to cut ties with their close friends and loved ones, that can be a strong sign that they need help with their mental health to avoid the possibility of suicide.

Using Substances

People who are contemplating suicide are often suffering in a significant way. Many people respond to this suffering by using a substance to cover it up. This can make them feel better in the short term. However, the effectiveness of substances will decrease the more someone uses them. On top of that, the more someone uses substances, the more difficult their life will likely become in the long run. That can take a situation that seems hopeless and make it feel even worse. That can increase the chance that someone will commit suicide.

Not Having Hope for a Better Future

Many people can get through extremely difficult and painful times as long as they have hope for a better future at some point. However, if someone talks about how they think things will always stay just as hard for them, that may increase the chance that they will attempt suicide at some point.

This is one reason why it can be so helpful for someone contemplating suicide to speak with a psychologist. Many kinds of therapy help people be more realistic about their futures. Realizing that difficult times will often come to an end can be just the comfort someone needs to put aside any thoughts of committing suicide.

Talking About Being a Burden

When someone contemplates suicide, they often think about the pain their suicidal attempts might cause others. On the other hand, they might feel that their life is a burden on other people and that it would be better for everyone if they were to commit suicide. If someone talks about being a burden on others, that can be a sign that they might be considering suicide.

Mental Health Challenges

Most people who attempt suicide suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Receiving treatment for mental health issues can decrease the chance that someone tries to commit suicide.

Understand the Most Common Signs of Suicide

When someone commits suicide, their friends and family members are often shocked. They wish they could have known what was coming so they could have done more to help. Understanding the common signs of suicide can help you recognize when someone needs help. To learn more about how you can find the best mental health and substance abuse rehab for your situation, contact us at any time!