Addiction is a disease that can be tough to beat, but at Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we know the right treatments can make all the difference. So, what makes quality addiction treatment in Lantana? Our team is focused on providing the most helpful addiction treatment programs and services, and we know doing just that takes a special type of dedication. Whether you’re seeking drug abuse treatment or alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana, you need the best options for your treatment programs. Our treatment programs at Comprehensive Wellness Centers are some of the best around, thanks to several key features that help us stand apart such as:

  • Holistic Care. Addiction treatment is about helping an individual learn the skills and approaches to obtaining and maintaining sobriety. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we focus on providing the best possible holistic care. With meditation, therapies, counselling and other services, you’ll enjoy the best possible holistic approaches to successful sobriety.
  • Relaxing Setting. When you’re focusing on self-care and sobriety, it doesn’t hurt to do so in a truly relaxing setting. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we offer a bed and breakfast style setting with close beach proximity. With our relaxing environment, you can focus on turning things around towards sobriety with a clear mind.
  • Organic Diet. A large part of recovery is pushing drugs and alcohol out of your system. But what about other toxins too? At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we know that eating and living clean can make all the difference in recovery. We offer on-site organic meals with gourmet flair, helping cleanse the body and offer holistic support.
  • Comprehensive Care. Comprehensive care is one of the biggest keys in reaching sobriety, and our team at Comprehensive Wellness Centers offers the most personalized drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana. We can combine therapy, counselling, guidance and assistance to assist in your journey to recovery.
  • Life Skills Support. Addiction is a disease that robs us of many things. Chances are, your addiction has taken center stage. Many people in recovery can benefit greatly from life skills support, relearning tasks, life skills and approaches that help maintain health, happiness and sobriety.


These are just a few of the features we’re proud to offer at Comprehensive Wellness Centers. When you’re looking for the most dedicated drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Lantana, we hope you’ll turn to our center. Finding quality drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Lantana doesn’t need to be a challenge. Call our front desk at (561) 619-5858 to learn more about our services or to schedule your visit.