Heroin is one of the most powerfully addictive substances on the planet and successfully completing a heroin treatment program is a major accomplishment. However, the road to long-term recovery can be a tremendous challenge. Heroin cravings can cause you great physical and psychological distress and can drive you to active use. To decrease the chances of relapse, finding healthy ways to stop heroin cravings are crucial.


The following are effective tips to help stop heroin cravings and help you stay the course.


Medically Assisted Treatment

One effective way to minimize your cravings for heroin is to pursue medically-assisted treatment (MAT). Perhaps the most effective interventions is a naltrexone treatment. Naltrexone is another name for the drug Vivitrol, and the drug has proven to be a powerful tool to combat heroin relapse. A powerful opiate blocker, Vivitrol eliminates the pleasure associated with heroin and opiate use and significantly decreases cravings. Although MATs are usually used while in treatment, there are many outpatient Vivitrol programs available for those who have already completed treatment.

Medically Assisted Treatment


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In addition to a shot for opiate addiction, traditional therapy can also be used to minimize cravings. Cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) can help you deal with the triggers that can lead to heroin use. Once those are identified, you and your therapist can change those negative behaviors and put into place more positive coping mechanisms.


Seek Out Support

If you are struggling with heroin cravings, you need to act! Another effective way to turn back cravings is to seek support from those who are beneficial to your recovery. Go to a 12-step or similar support group, call your sponsor, seek the guidance of family and friends who are supportive of your recovery. These positive people in your life can help calm you and keep you away from the people and places that can lead to relapse.



An excellent defense mechanism against heroin cravings is to distract yourself. Once cravings start to be felt, find something healthy and constructive to do until the craving passes. Go for a walk, read a book, exercise or engage in meditation practice. Whatever you choose to do, work it until the craving passes. Once that craving passes, it is important to seek support as soon as possible.


Play It Through

When heroin cravings strike, another beneficial relapse prevention technique is what is often called “playing it through”. Think through what would happen if you begun using heroin again and the consequences of heroin use. Think about the guilt and disappointment in yourself and those who love you most. By thinking through the possible negative outcomes, it can help steer you mind away from those thoughts of using.


Stay Positive

It is also important to remember when cravings strike to keep the positives in mind. Think about how healthy you have become and the rewards you have experienced to this point. Focus on the peace of mind you are feeling and how your loved ones and friends love and support you. Ultimately, you must focus on your desire to stay drug-free and the immense physical, psychological and spiritual benefits associated with life-long sobriety.


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