Codependency is a difficult problem to overcome. It is a relationship problem that exists within yourself that directly impacts your relationship with others. For those who struggle with a drug and alcohol addiction, codependency is a common root issue. To fully recover from an addiction, you must also learn to recover from codependency. The following article outlines the ways you can recover from codependency in addiction and get your life back on track.


You Must First Get Sober

The first and most crucial step in learning to recover from codependency is to start getting clean and sober. When you enter drug treatment, the focus is on your needs. You will learn that you are responsible for your actions. Your actions are motivated by your own wants and needs and not the needs of others. While giving and compromising is essential in relating to others, you can learn to detach and not obsess or have control over others.



A second way to recover from codependency is to develop self-awareness. In addiction, denial is one of the hallmark reactions addicts display. Codependents deny their own feelings and needs in addition to their substance abuse. To reverse this thinking, you must become aware of this thinking. Instead of self-sabotaging yourself with negative talk, learn to accept and come to terms to what you feel.


Be Accepting of Yourself

If you are codependent, learning to truly accept yourself is the first step towards healing. When you are able to accept yourself, you will experience change. When codependent people enter drug treatment, they think they are working to change themselves. In reality, the real aim of any kind of therapy is to help people accept themselves at face value. When one accepts themselves, they understand that life comes with challenges and obstacles. For those who are codependent, they realize that self-acceptance means that it is OK not to please people all the time. Self-criticism diminishes, and as a result, self-confidence grows.


Take Action!

Realizations and revelations are great, but they amount to nothing if you don’t take action. In order to put your new-found awareness and acceptance to use, you must engage in new and healthier behaviors that support these changes. This will involve doing and saying things that are outside of your comfort zone. These behaviors include setting boundaries for yourself and silencing your internal critic. These behaviors may also include becoming assertive in what you think and feel. Others may not accept this, but that is alright. Ultimately, you are the pilot in your life. You create your own path.


The Path to a New You is Closer Than You Think


Recovering from addiction lies in how you recover from codependency and other obstacles in your life. You may feel it is an impossible task, but nothing can be further from the truth. Your first step to freedom starts with a phone call to Comprehensive Wellness Centers. We offer effective therapy options and other interventions that help you realize your true self. Call us today.