Over time your drinking habits may increase without you really knowing it. You start with just going out on the weekends and having a few drinks with your friends, but then you may start drinking during the week by yourself. Before you know it you’re addicted to alcohol and you realize you need help. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers we can help you overcome your addiction and achieve sobriety. We offer many different programs and will help you find the best treatment plan for you to overcome your alcohol problem in Lantana.


Is it time for me to get alcohol treatment?

The more you drink the more your tolerance will build, and you’ll notice that you have to drink more to feel the same effects. This can lead to a drinking problem and you may start drinking to the point where you can’t control yourself. If you find yourself constantly wanting to get drunk and always thinking about when you can have your next drink, now is the time to get help.


Comprehensive Wellness Centers is here to help anyone who is struggling with an alcohol problem. You may start to experience different symptoms when you aren’t drinking, and if you find the only way to get these symptoms to go away is by drinking then you need to get help. Anxiety, depression, headaches, and vomiting are a few symptoms you could experience if you’re struggling with alcoholism. If you’re having any of these symptoms, visiting a treatment facility is the best way to overcome your addiction and get sober. There are many different therapy and treatment programs that will help you.


If you can’t control how much you drink or you constantly think about drinking now is the time to get help. Many people struggle with alcoholism and while it can be tougher to see when someone is addicted to alcohol compared to drugs, it’s still very important to seek treatment. Our team at Comprehensive Wellness Centers treats alcoholism and drug addiction for those who are struggling in Lantana. Don’t wait to seek treatment, get the help you need today.