Our Team: Rasha Lawrence, M.D.

Rasha Lawrence, M.D. /

Rasha Lawrence, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Rasha Lawrence graduated from Medical School in 1995 and has been a Medical Doctor for 27 years. She worked in research at UM with behavioral medicine research center in HIV and chronic fatigue syndrome and participated in research publications in these areas.

She completed her psychiatric residency at Jackson Memorial hospital/UM in Miami, Florida in 2008 and completed a 2-year course of psychodynamic psychotherapy with Florida psychoanalytic center in Miami during her residency as an extracurricular activity.

She is board certified in Addiction Medicine since 2010 and worked at an addiction treatment program from 7/2007 to 11/2016 during which she served as the Corporate Medical Director for 7 years and treated thousands of patients with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis and supervised multiple physicians. Dr Lawrence implemented protocols during her years of working that led to safer and more comfortable detox and non-opiate treatment of chronic pain and drastically decreased the number of withdrawal seizures during alcohol and benzodiazepine detox.

In 2013, Dr Lawrence was a contributing field reviewer of the revised version of The ASAM Criteria.

Her main areas of interest are depression, anxiety and addiction medicine and utilizes psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT and medication management as her main lines of treatment of these conditions.

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