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Jason Tunick

Owner & CEO

Originally born in New York, Jason moved to Florida as a kid and has loved living here ever since. He received a Business Finance degree from the University of Florida, and started his entrepreneurial journey shortly afterward. Rather than seeking out opportunities at other companies where he could climb the corporate ladder, Jason instead experimented with building his own. Drawn to internet and marketing related industries, he moved on to buy and sell several businesses over the next two decades— successfully turning around profit margins and increasing ROI.

While enjoying the rewards of his business career, Jason also continued to watch his father thrive in the recovery community after achieving sobriety several years ago. Witnessing the drastic changes in his father after he had completed a local outpatient program, this would eventually become the inspiration which lead to him becoming a part of Comprehensive Wellness Centers. When the opportunity came to combine his passion for building businesses with helping others like his dad, Jason was naturally inclined to jump in. His world has never been the same since.

When asked what his favorite part of working in treatment is— Jason is quick to speak fondly of interacting with clients and learning more about their individual stories. As someone who was always drawn to business opportunities which involved building things and continually improving the structures within, there was a natural attraction that was both logical and symbolic.

Jason says he is most inspired by people that go through adversity and really difficult challenges, yet are able to keep a positive and hopeful perspective throughout it all.

In his free time Jason enjoys spending time with his family and being the proud father of two sons. He can often be found on the soccer field coaching his boys, or watching football and playing poker with friends.

Here at Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we are proud to have Jason lead our team.

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