Our Team: Derrion Waddell, RMHCI

Derrion Waddell, RMHCI /

Derrion Waddell, RMHCI

Primary Therapist

Derrion is a dedicated mental health counselor registered with extensive experience and a genuine commitment to supporting individuals in their journey towards well-being. He earned his master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Lynn University.

Following his high school education, Derrion embarked on a remarkable 20-year career in the U.S. Army, serving as a Paratrooper in the Infantry and undertaking multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. His invaluable firsthand experiences and deep empathy for fellow veterans led him to pursue a career in the mental health field.

Specializing in assisting individuals who have faced challenges after military service, as well as those currently navigating the path of recovery, Derrion possesses a clinical background in substance use and co-occurring disorders, with a particular emphasis on trauma. Drawing inspiration from Adlerian and Narrative approaches, he strives to establish meaningful connections with his clients. By adopting an observer’s perspective, Derrion collaborates with his clients to develop effective strategies for addressing past, present, and potential future distressing situations.

Derrion’s ultimate goal is to build a therapeutic alliance that empowers individuals to discover their purpose and fosters personal growth in all aspects of life. With his compassionate guidance, he supports clients in their pursuit of a fulfilling and resilient future.

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