Our Team: Angela Hobbins, CRSS

Angela Hobbins, CRSS /

Angela Hobbins, CRSS

Lead Client Care Coordinator

Angela is originally from Minnesota; she comes from a very loving family and is the youngest of 3 sisters. She became a Cosmetologist at the age of 21 and pursued her career until the age of 33. After years of alcohol and drug addiction she came to Florida to receive treatment. Angela is a Comprehensive Wellness Center Alumni since 2019 and has been clean and sober since. She has always had a passion for helping others and remembers wanting to be a teacher as a child. Last year Angela came to realize her purpose in life is to help those in need of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. Angela started as a Behavioral Health Technician, and she is now our Client Care Coordinator. With 3 years sober Angela is active in a 12-step program, she continues to share her experience, strength, and hope to the next person in need.

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