The long reach of drug and alcohol addiction affects people from all walks of life. No matter the social background or family environment one grows up in, addiction can ensnare anyone. Not only does the addict suffer, but their family, friends and other loved ones can also feel the burden of substance abuse. The first and most obvious step on the road to recovery is entering treatment at Comprehensive Wellness Centers. Our experienced team at our West Palm Beach treatment center creates individualized treatment plans that help each person find lasting sobriety.

While treatment is a crucial step in helping addicts recover, the steps taken once recovering addicts leave rehab are equally important. Learning from past mistakes help addicts avoid making those same mistakes. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers our drug and alcohol treatment program helps alcoholics and drug addicts get sober…but our care doesn’t end once they leave. We offer help and support as recovering addicts reintegrate back into society. We not only want to help patients get sober, but we want to help them maintain sobriety and have a successful life that is free from addiction.

Life Skills Training—An Integral Part to Long-Term Recovery

Everyone’s path after treatment is different, and every addict has specific and unique needs. No matter the need, our West Palm Beach drug and alcohol treatment center offers life skills training that can be tailored to everyone. The following are some of the core life skills that our experienced treatment staff offers in all our programs:

Creating a Healthy Daily Schedule

A key to long-term sobriety is the ability to create a daily schedule that is full of healthy activities. At our West Palm Beach rehab, clients will learn to plan their day to include meetings, exercise, work and family commitments, sleep and other recovery-rich activities.

Employment Coaching

Another key to help promote lifelong sobriety is to gain long-term employment. With the help of our treatment staff, clients will learn how to properly interview for a job, write a proper resume, and learn to utilize the proper community resources to find meaningful employment.

Learning Proper Money Management

Creating a realistic monthly budget is another important skill that is taught at our Palm Beach treatment center. With the help of a certified financial planner or credit counselor, every client in our program will learn the basics of creating a monthly budget, learn how to prioritize expenses, and learn ways to save and invest their money.

Building Effective Communication Skills

An additional benefit of Comprehensive Wellness Centers life skills training is that clients will gain the tools to help re-establish important relationships with family and friends. Having the ability to repair and restore these important relationships help rebuild trust and bolster the support system needed to sustain recovery. Additionally, having effective communication skills will decrease the stress that can lead to relapse.

Rebuild Your Life—Call Comprehensive Wellness Centers Today!

Life skills training is an essential foundation to long-term health and happiness in recovery. If you are looking for a drug treatment program for yourself or a loved one, life skills training is essential. As one of the premier drug treatment centers in Florida, Comprehensive Wellness Centers features a life skills training program created by extensive research and proven to be successful. Call us today and begin your road to recovery.