People from all walks of life can struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Patients who enter detox at CWC rehab treatment center, located in South Florida near West Palm Beach, find a supportive team of people whose goal is to help addicts find their way to sobriety and healthy recovery.

While getting sober is important, the steps taken once recovering addicts leave rehab are equally important. Learning from past mistakes help addicts avoid making those same mistakes. At Comprehensive Wellness Centers our drug and alcohol treatment program helps alcoholics and drug addicts get sober…but our care doesn’t end once they leave. We offer help and support as recovering addicts reintegrate back into society. We not only want to help patients get sober, but we want to help them maintain sobriety and have a successful life that is free from addiction.

Everyone’s path after treatment is different, and not every day will be easy. Some days will be harder than others. But cycles of addiction can be broken. Addicts don’t have to live that way any longer. We take pride in helping each of our patients after treatment. Whatever the need – finding a job or a sober living house, learning new skills to cope with life without alcohol and drugs – and support to stay help stay sober even when it seems so difficult to do.

If patients have a job which they enjoy our goal is to help them return to that job as a healthier and more productive employee. Some people, however, may have lost jobs or been unable to find a job. For them, our goal is to provide a thorough assessment of their strengths and skills to determine what type of job or career would be best suited to them. Our job placement program for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts provides guidance, skills training, adult education and job search assistance.