Sharon Sine

Client and Family Care Coordinator

Sharon Sine - Client and Family Care Coordinator

Sharon was born and raised in South Florida, where she attended Palm Beach State College and majored in Business Finance, and worked as a CPA for 6 years. Always striving to prosper, Sharon has always been an entrepreneur. She owned a hair company and a tax office.

In the process of giving back to the community, she started volunteering at an all-women’s shelter, where she first learned about the disease of addiction. During the process of her volunteer work, sympathizing for those who battle addiction became her passion. Sharon integrated this devotion into her career by pursuing a job as a rehab technician during her off-site time as a CPA.

She fell in love with the strength of recovery and all that comes with it–the good and the bad. In 2013, she hung up her CPA career and started working full time in the recovery industry.

Many have heard the quote by Mark Twain: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, which couldn’t apply more to Sharon. Referencing client testimonials, the title “Client and Family Care Coordinator” is an understatement. Sharon goes above and beyond, building strong close relationships with the clients and their families. She mends the broken relationships that our clients previously had with their loved ones.

With a family of her own and being a proud mother of two, not only does Sharon have a family of the same blood–she has a family in the recovery community, where she builds such a close bond with the clients that she gives everyone a sense of hope.