Jake Hampu

Military Liaison

Jake Hampu - Military Liaison

A man full of life, passion, and dedication. Jake is someone who has experienced life in every way. He comes from a modest & simple family from Cleveland Ohio. A fearless squad leader that led United States Marines in the Iraq War, successfully completing over 100 convoys. He would go on to pursue an education in Sound Engineering, Psychology and Film.  After multiple different careers, Jake had a hard time finding his true purpose. While volunteering with a few organizations Jake began to see and feel his new purpose in life, to help our community thrive. Using his experience in business and film he would go on to start his own nonprofit called Unified Dream. They provide Manpower and Media to organizations in need of help through the support of United States Veterans.  On the road to helping others, Jake was offered the opportunity to help veterans and first responders as a liaison at a treatment facility. These first responders are dealing with PTS, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. It was his responsibility to lead the men and women towards a life free of addiction, full of peace and purpose. To provide the clients a deeper understanding, a mirror and provide some clarity regarding a more purposeful life. Having been in war, and highly experienced in overcoming the trials and tribulations of life, he was able to provide a perspective the clients could relate to. Jake incorporated camaraderie, compassion, healthy eating and living, nature therapy, community service, their own alumni program and meditation. By providing a different approach to recovery, Jake and his team have been able to successfully help hundreds of Veterans from all over the nation.