Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Admissions Process

We understand that taking the first step on the road to recovery is often the most difficult, but you are not alone. When you contact our drug and alcohol rehab treatment center, our admissions counselors know firsthand what you’re going through and are available to help you by making the call as informative and fast as possible.

Understanding insurance coverage and payments, as well as arranging a stay in addiction treatment can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Our admissions coordinators are here to help through every step to make the process as organized and stress-free as possible. We’ll ask some questions about your drug and alcohol abuse, addiction history, current substance abuse, behavioral health and overall well-being and answer any questions you have.

Treatment Costs and Insurance Verification

During the initial assessment, we will also talk about treatment costs and do a free insurance verification. This tells us how much of the treatment costs will be covered by the health insurance provided, as well as any remaining financial responsibility. Most major health insurances cover some, if not all, of the treatment costs. We also offer affordable, personalized private payment options. Our admissions team will explain what your insurance covers and payment options, so you understand the cost of treatment.

Getting to Our Florida Treatment Center

Our admissions counselors will help coordinate travel arrangements. If traveling through an airport, we will arrange for a professional driver to provide pick-up at the airport and drop-off at the front door of our West Palm Beach treatment center. Our goal is to make the inpatient rehab process as easy as possible.

What Happens When You Arrive

Upon arrival, we understand that you have been through a lot leading up to reaching our South Florida treatment center, so our staff will greet you at the door and take you into a private room where you can begin to relax and start the process. A patient care specialist will wrap up the paperwork, and then our medical staff will complete an assessment. This information indicates your current physical condition and also helps us to create an individualized rehab and drug treatment plan geared towards your unique needs, circumstances and health.

Get started by calling us at 800-844-HOPE today. Taking the first step towards the road to recovery can be hard, but it is also one of the best decisions you will ever make.