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At Comprehensive Wellness Centers, we fully understand the physical, psychological and spiritual impacts of addiction. As recovering addicts or family members of those suffering from substance abuse, the treatment staff at our drug rehab center in Florida has the experience, drive and dedication to help you reach your goal of a successful and lifelong recovery. No matter how severe your addiction may be, Comprehensive Treatment Centers can tailor an individualized program that meets your unique needs.

A Unique Treatment Philosophy

The experienced staff at our dual diagnosis treatment center have developed a unique recovery program that is based on a personal approach that focuses on not only the addiction but on treating the underlying causes that started the addiction. Comprehensive Wellness Center’s drug treatment program addresses the following key components that help each client achieve long-term recovery success:

  • Developing and utilizing support systems
  • Healthy nutrition and self-care programs
  • How to deal with substance abuse triggers
  • Life and coping skills training

The Focus on Family

While therapy and treatment is important in one’s recovery, our Florida inpatient rehab places great emphasis on involving the family in one’s recovery. When you or a loved one is in active addiction, it takes a tremendous toll on the family. As the addict begins the recovery process, family members must also be involved in the healing process. Through the help of our treatment staff at our West Palm Beach treatment center, the whole family can work through issues together. As a result, both the addict and the family create an empowering environment to grow and heal.

Recover from Addiction While Surrounded by Serenity and Beauty

Located in breathtaking Palm Beach, Florida, Comprehensive Wellness Center provides a perfect serene atmosphere to being your path to recovery. Our inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center is only one city block from Southeast Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, a few blocks south of Ocean Avenue, and less than one mile from Palm Beach’s pristine shoreline. This natural beauty will allow you and your family an opportunity to start anew in a positive and enriching environment.

For the best in treatment, counseling, aftercare and other beneficial programs, Comprehensive Wellness Center will provide the tools and support needed to make lifelong sobriety a reality. Take that first step towards a healthy future and call us today.