Bed & Breakfast Environment

Minutes from Lantana Beach

Life Skills Class

G.E.D & Online College

A Home Away from Home

Comprehensive Wellness Centers is located in Coastal Palm Beach, Florida. Our community is a small, intimate beach style environment. It’s a peaceful, serene atmosphere with the ideal surroundings for making a fresh new start.

Relying upon current research, CWC’s founders have developed a unique program for early recovery. Because time in active addiction, to all substances, invariably leads to social isolation, poor self-care, and an array of serious health problems, CWC’s approach is to address each of these issues independently. CWC will teach our guests:

  • The importance of social support
  • Ways to develop a support system
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • How to deal with substance triggers
  • Communicating with loved ones in a healthy manner

Social Support is Pivotal to Success

It is important for recovered addicts to have people in their lives who will hold them accountable. Knowing that there are people who are non judgemental and have the best interest of their recovered friend or loved one at heart can immensely help in the recovery and ongoing process of sobriety. Achieving and maintaining sobriety takes a lot of work, so having a network of people who are available to talk through both the struggles and the successes is absolutely necessary. Creating the maintaining these relationships also take some work. Our trained team of recovery professionals work with patients to teach them the value of social support and how to establish these valuable social bonds.

Whole Person Healing

As we guide our patients through healing from addiction, we also teach them to care for their whole person. Addiction can take a toll of the body, so it is important to care for the body, as well as the mind. Fitness and nutrition are important to rebuild strength and confidence. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also provides structure which can help reduce the risk of relapse.

Adding to Our Center’s Relaxing Feel is Its Location

Our location also adds to the appeal and relaxing vibe of our addiction recovery program. CWC is just a short walk from the water. The Center is only one city block from Southeast Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, and just a few blocks south of Ocean Avenue, less than one mile from Palm Beach’s pristine shoreline. Each morning, our guests are greeted by a magnificent sunrise; a daily sunrise symbolic of a fresh start in life; a new beginning on the path to a healthy and productive life.